PC Time Tracking Software

Minute7’s PC time tracking software gives you a complete overview of your employees’ and contractors’ hours. This is critical for keeping a close eye on how hard your employees are working as well as managing your labor expenses.

Because it connects with our web-based platform as well as integrates with QuickBooks, our expense tracker desktop app is the easiest and most effective way to keep tabs on how long your workers are on the job — down to the minute. With the information provided in a single dashboard on your computer, this time tracking software empowers you to make better decisions about how your organization is using its most precious resource.

What Our Platform Delivers for You

Utilizing our full-featured expense manager for PC and Android provides total visibility into how your company uses its time and money. Connecting it to the web as well as the QuickBooks accounting software provides you with numerous added benefits. Among the many advantages your organization can experience through our offerings include:

Minute7 is an excellent solution for professional service firms

Minute7 is designed specifically for professional services firms.  You can easily track time and expense towards any customer, project or job and then sync it into QuickBooks for billing, reporting and payroll purposes.  Our workflows also make it easy for managers to review, edit and approve timesheets. As a result, we are an excellent solution for all types of professional service firms including:

Why Choose Minute7?

Managing your time and resources doesn’t have to be a hassle. Integrating our software into your operations couldn’t be easier — just install it and it will connect to your existing QuickBooks setup within moments. Your employees and vendors will be able to enter their shifts from virtually any connected device with ease.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial. After that, only pay $8 per month per user. There are no additional fees and you can cancel at any time without impacting your QuickBooks data. Just click on the link below to start.

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