Simplifying Contractor, Vendor and 1099 Time Tracking with Minute7

Created by Debbie Sabin on December 10, 2023


Contractors, vendors, and 1099 employees are all integral parts of a business's operations, yet they each have distinct roles and statuses. Contractors are typically independent entities hired to perform a specific task or project within a specified timeframe. Vendors, on the other hand, are businesses that supply goods or services to an organization, often on a recurring basis. Meanwhile, 1099 employees, also known as independent contractors, are self-employed individuals who provide services to a company. Unlike traditional employees, they are not subject to withholding tax and are responsible for paying their own self-employment taxes. The versatility of Minute7 allows for easy time tracking across all these categories of workers.

Industry Focused

Engineering: Let's consider an engineering firm that employs a mix of full-time employees, contractors, vendors, and 1099 employees. The firm might hire a contractor for a finite duration to work on a specific project, like designing a new bridge. They could also work with a vendor to provide ongoing maintenance services for their office equipment. Additionally, they might engage a 1099 employee, such as a freelance CAD designer, to supplement their internal design team. The ability of Minute7 to seamlessly track time across all these different types of workers is invaluable to the engineering firm, ensuring accurate billing and payroll, regardless of worker classification.

Architecture: Now, let's imagine an architectural firm. This firm might have full-time employees working on in-house projects, while also bringing in contractors for specialized tasks such as heritage building consultations or specific design elements. They could be working with vendors for sourcing construction materials or 3D models. Furthermore, they may also engage 1099 employees like freelance architects or interior designers to bring a fresh perspective to a project. The power of Minute7 becomes evident as it flawlessly tracks time across all these different types of workers. This ensures that the firm is able to provide accurate billing information to its clients, and also make sure the payroll for full-time, freelance, and contractual workers is timely and precise.

Information Technology: Picture an IT company, employing a combination of full-time staff, contractors, vendors, and 1099 employees. They might hire a contractor for a set period to work on a specific project, such as database migration or software development. The company could also engage vendors to provide essential services like server maintenance or cloud storage solutions. Moreover, they might bring in a 1099 employee, such as a freelance programmer or cybersecurity consultant, to bolster their in-house team's capabilities. The robust nature of Minute7 shines in this scenario as it effortlessly tracks time across all these diverse work types, ensuring accurate billing and payroll processing. By leveraging Minute7, the IT firm can maintain financial accuracy and operational efficiency, regardless of the worker's classification.

Minute7 is...

Designed for Simplicity

Minute7 is designed with simplicity in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to navigate and find what you need quickly.

Streamlined for Time Tracking

Forget about the hassle of manual timesheets. Minute7's automated time tracking feature makes it easy to accurately track hours worked by your contractors, vendors and 1099 employees.

Accessible Anywhere

In today's digital age, flexibility and mobility are paramount. Understanding this, Minute7 offers a fully optimized mobile app that provides you with full access to its time tracking features on the go.

Designed to Track Expenses

Keeping a clear and accurate record of your contractors, vendors, and 1099 employees' expenses is crucial for financial management. Minute7 simplifies this process with its comprehensive expense tracking feature.

By integrating expense tracking into its platform, Minute7 not only simplifies time management but also enhances your control over financial aspects of your business relationships.

Compliance Focused

Minute7 ensures that your business remains compliant with labor laws and regulations.

Affordably Priced

Start your free trial with Minute7 today. Experience firsthand how easy it is to track and manage your contractors, vendors, and 1099 employees' time and hours.  Our subscriptions are billed monthly, and you can add or remove users as your business needs change.  We're confident that once you experience the ease and efficiency of Minute7, you won't look back.

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