Independent Contractors and Time Tracking Software

Created by Debbie Sabin on December 19, 2023


If your organization utilizes independent contractor and you are searching for a solution to efficiently track your contracted resources for simplified billing and invoicing processes, look no further. Minute7 is designed with your needs in mind. As a cloud-based time tracking software, it allows users to easily log hours from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Unlike QuickBooks Time, Minute7 integrates contractor time seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and Desktop, enabling you to streamline your workflow and spend less time on administrative tasks.

The workforce comprises various types of independent contractors, each with a unique skill set and focus area.

One of the most common types is the freelance professional. These individuals offer their expertise in fields like writing, graphic design, programming, and consulting, and often work on a project-based agreement.

Another type is the gig worker, commonly found in platform-based businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, or TaskRabbit. These individuals perform tasks as needed, often with flexible hours and locations.

A third type is the consultant, who offers strategic advice and solutions to businesses. This might involve areas such as management, marketing, finance, or HR. Lastly, we have contractors in the construction industry who are hired for specific projects, such as building a house or renovating a commercial space. Regardless of the type, all independent contractors can benefit from effective time tracking and management offered by tools like Minute7.

Not using QuickBooks? No problem!

Minute7 is not exclusive to QuickBooks users. It's a versatile time tracking solution that caters to all independent contractors, regardless of the accounting software you use. You can still benefit from its easy-to-use interface, mobile accessibility, and efficient time logging and billing features. With Minute7, you're not tied to a particular platform; it's all about providing you with an efficient tool to manage your time and bill your clients effectively.

Expedite Your Billing Process with Minute7

Minute7 simplifies the billing process for independent contractors by automating the time tracking and invoicing process. By accurately logging hours, you can generate precise, professional invoices in no time, eliminating the risk of errors associated with manual time entries. In addition, Minute7 supports easy export of time and expense data to Excel or Google Sheets, allowing you to customize your billing reports according to your needs. Furthermore, with its seamless integration with QuickBooks, you can send your invoices directly through the platform, saving you precious time and streamlining your billing process. By taking the hassle out of billing, Minute7 empowers you to focus on your work and client satisfaction.

Boost Your Job Costing and Budgeting with Minute7

Minute7 not only aids with time tracking and billing, but also significantly enhances job costing and budgeting. By providing accurate records of hours worked by both W2 employees and 1099s, Minute7 allows you to track labor costs associated with each individual project. This transparency in labor costs can help you estimate job costs more accurately in the future.

Moreover, with Minute7, it's easy to track and allocate overhead costs to different projects or jobs. With a clear overview of time spent and costs incurred, you can create more precise budgets and stay on top of your business finances. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to managing and paying 1099 contractors. Since they are paid directly from your expenses, accurate tracking of their hours is crucial to maintaining your budget and ensuring correct payment.

Capture Hours on the Go with the Minute7 Mobile App

For independent contractors who are always on the move, the Minute7 mobile app is a game changer. It eliminates the need for traditional timecards and cumbersome spreadsheets, allowing you to capture hours on the go quickly and effortlessly. The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to log your hours, add notes, and even track expenses from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you're at a job site or on the road, you can record your time accurately and instantly sync it to your Minute7 account. This real-time data capture ensures you never miss billing for any worked hours. With the Minute7 mobile app, you can effectively manage your time and billing wherever your work takes you.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing with Minute7

Minute7 offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that is designed to suit the needs of independent contractors. For just $8 per user per month, you gain access to all the fantastic features Minute7 has to offer. This includes seamless QuickBooks integration, robust time tracking, and efficient invoicing capabilities. Plus, there are no complicated contracts to worry about. We believe in the value of our product and trust that you will too.

And that's not all. We understand that it's essential to experience a product first-hand before making a commitment. Therefore, we offer a 30-day free trial to all new users – no credit card required! Simply sign up for the free trial, explore the features, and see how Minute7 can transform your time tracking and billing process. We're confident you'll find it indispensable to your business operations. Ready to give it a try?

Sign up today and experience the Minute7 difference.