How Long To Keep Payroll Records

Created by Camila Mirabal on June 06, 2022


One critical aspect of your business is tending to payroll compliance responsibilities to protect your employees' privacy and your organization. One area that can prove complex for some payroll teams is determining how long to keep payroll records.

Here’s what you should know.

Why Keep Payroll Records?

You need to maintain sterling payroll records for multiple reasons, such as ensuring accountability in case of audits; creating better budgets and managing labor expenses; or effectively defending against potential employee lawsuits or false accusations regarding compensation.

Payroll records can also help current or former employees who might need payroll documentation to verify proof of employment and income if they want to apply for a mortgage or auto loan or rent an apartment.

Tips for Navigating Payroll Records Compliance Matters

Per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), there are certain records you must keep for every non-exempt worker. Those vital employee payroll records include:

Now that you know what types of employee information to keep on file with your payroll department, the next step is getting a clear idea of how long to retain employee records.

Entities such as the Small Business Association (SBA) recommend keeping payroll records for six years. They have determined this length of time because states and local municipalities may have different requirements than the federal government. Keeping these documents for six years ensures compliance to protect your employees and company.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain So Many Payroll Records for So Long?

You might look at the amount and variety of employee information and the length of time you need to keep it and wonder how it's possible. Without some support, it might seem overwhelming. With so many variables, something might fall through the cracks, resulting in prematurely discarded files or giving unauthorized access to confidential files.

It's crucial that you have a foolproof system, especially since errors could result in an array of problems for your business and employees.

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