Automating Time and Expense Tracking: A Game-Changer in the Engineering Industry

Created by Debbie Sabin on August 02, 2023


In the world of engineering, every minute and dollar count. Projects often involve numerous employees, complex tasks, and tight deadlines. Efficient time and expense tracking is crucial to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget. However, traditional methods of tracking can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to manage.

Gap Analysis

Before we dive into how automating time and expense tracking can assist with gap analysis, let's define what gap analysis is. Gap analysis is a method of assessing the differences in performance between a business' information systems or software applications to determine whether business requirements are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully. It involves identifying where you are currently, where you want to be in the future, and how you're going to bridge that gap.

The Magic of Automation

This is where automation comes into play. Automated time and expense tracking tools, like those offered by Minute7, allow for real-time tracking of project expenses and employee hours. These tools reduce manual effort, increase accuracy, and provide valuable data that can be analyzed for insights.

With automated tracking, engineers can log their time spent on various tasks directly into the system, eliminating the need for manual timesheets. Similarly, project expenses can be recorded as they occur, providing a real-time view of the project's financial status.

Bridging the Gap with Automation

So, how does this relate to gap analysis? Automated time and expense tracking provides accurate, up-to-date data that can be used to perform a comprehensive gap analysis.

For instance, if a project is consistently going over budget, a detailed review of expense data may reveal where the overspending is happening. Maybe certain tasks are taking longer than anticipated, leading to increased labor costs. Or perhaps material expenses are higher than initially projected.

Similarly, time tracking data can highlight productivity issues. If a project is falling behind schedule, it may be because some tasks are taking longer than expected. With automated tracking, these tasks can be identified, and measures can be taken to address the issue.

By providing a clear picture of where time and money are being spent, automated tracking allows engineering firms to identify gaps in their operations and make informed decisions on how to close them.


The automation of time and expense tracking is more than just a convenient technology—it's a powerful analytical tool. By providing accurate, real-time data, it enables engineering companies to conduct thorough gap analyses and make strategic decisions that enhance efficiency and profitability.

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